May 24, 2023
12:00 pm

Product Experience

Consumer Company

Alex McArthur

About this session

My name is Alex McArthur and I am a marketing executive / consultant and the Chief Marketing Officer at Kizik's.

My start came in ecommerce with a small computer manufacturer in 1998. Since that time my career has evolved to leading marketing strategy, including brand, product, advertising, web, content, mobile, email, social, analytics, pr, investor relations and search marketing efforts for thousands of SMBs, Inc 500s, public companies and other reputable brands. I have experience in both agency and in-house settings, including startups and large enterprises, as well as highly regulated public companies.

Outside of work I spend time with my family, explore the outdoors (hiking, snowshoeing, etc), travel and avoid LinkedIn profiles written in third person.

A few career highlights:

Utah Business CXO of the Year - Chief Marketing Officer

Google Retail Advisory Council / Emerging Direct to Consumers

Top 50 Kickstarter campaign out of 400,000+

Webby Award Winner for The Most Boring Films Ever (Purple + Facebook Creative Shop Collab)

Led marketing/sales efforts for multiple high growth orgs, including start to 9 figure run-rate in a single year

Stevie Award Winner

Featured on Forbes, Inc, Techcrunch, Nasdaq & Google/Youtube case studies

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